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Madaling Sabihin

Easy to Say

by Alegra Batara

Translations by Aara Meas

The Cordova family is forced to confront decades old secrets and emotional blocks when the father, Danilo, falls ill. Time is running out and the way the family has functioned forever must change. 

About the development:

Based loosely on a true story, this play began as a 25 page play entitled "Going the Way" which premiered at the Conservatory of Theatre Arts at Webster University's Envisage New Plays Festival in the spring of 2018. Through private readings and a year of expanding the narrative, the play has become a 90-minute one-act that centers a Filipinx family as the father fights for his life. I lost my Lolo when I was 7 years old and remember watching my family mourn and deal with the aftermath of his sickness.

The cultural aspects that became essential to this story were not originally included and were added in early drafts of the full length play. As an Asian-American theatre artist being educated in a PWI where the first drafts of this piece initially premiered, I felt that the story couldn't be race-specific given who was available to perform it. What became clear during those initial readings without the cultural aspects was that this story is universal. The relationships and the conflict are universal. Families keep secrets, they fight, they say cruel things to each other, they lose each other, and they must find each other again. After a great conversation with Jess Shoemaker the summer of 2019, I made the decision to reclaim the story as it was meant to be: full on Filipinx. Themes of birth order and religion became heavily entrenched in the new scenes, I crudely put what Tagalog I could find on the internet into the script (Thank goodness for Aara Meas who came in later and put in phenomenal translations). The story began to unfold in new way. After two years of development, I was finally able to put on a digital staged reading with an all Filipinx cast. The conversations in that room shaped the story and the characters even more and left me hungry to keep playing with the story. In this current stage of revision, I'm exploring non-linear storytelling as well as venturing into magic realism. 

This script is available for perusal upon request.

in progress

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