a devised piece

In the final semester, directing students have the opportunity to create a devised piece of theatre with no limits. I'm incredibly excited and am already coming up with questions to pose to the work.

I'm fascinated by one phenomenon in particular: the moment when you hear a song, see an object, smell a specific scent, and without warning you're transported to another time. For me, it's hearing Sweater Weather or Afraid by the Neighborhood, I'm suddenly back on my 9th grade school bus after my first break-up, headphones in, leaning against the cold window. That feeling in my chest stays with me. It reminds me of the person I was. The people I loved. The people I hurt and who hurt me when that was the soundtrack of my life. I want to explore that feeling and how a person moves past it. 

This is a piece based in viewpoints movement exploration, and treated like a short film given the current circumstances with Covid-19. We embraced the isolation and had each actor in their own spaces for filming. The editing was a challenge and I'd loved to take this concept further and film with a professional production team at some point in time. I'm so grateful for this amazing team of actors; they are in every single detail of this piece and it would not be what it is without them. 

Devised by and Featuring

Jailyn Genyse

Carmen Retzer

DeAnté Bryant

Hannah Moorhead

Jaalam Dishon

Jorge Cordova

edith can shoot things and hit them

by a. rey pamatmat

directing scene exercise

(private work, no performance)

bottle fly

by jacqueline goldfinger

directing scene exercise

(private work, no performance)